Thursday, 13 August 2009

Image 1 - Petrie at Giza (1880 - 1883)

Images 1 - 4 are from Petrie's excavations in Giza, when he was first in Egypt (1880 - 1883) and from his excavation in 1888.

On the tomb-chapel where Petrie lived (Drower 2004: 14):
“We reached the Pyramid about 10; a lovely morning with delicate mare’s tail sky, and the pyramids, one side warm with sunshine, the other grey blue with slight haze. I then looked over all the tombs available; the Arab village has been moved since C.P.S. was here, and his tomb is no longer to be had. Weyman Dixon’s is however all ready to go into, Ali having the key and door and 2 windows perfect. So I decided to take that, at least for the first.”


  1. Petrie outside Giza tomb:

    He's 28, from a 'god-fearing', traditional, if slightly eccentric home, he's away from everything he knows in an alien land. It's the pose, the arms insouciantly folded behind his head - is this overwhelming confidence or a disguise for uncertainty, an attempt to look in control?
    From Jan Picton, Secreatary of the Friends of the Petrie Museum.

  2. A tomb with a view, how wonderful!