Thursday, 13 August 2009

Image 15 - Ali Excavating (1899)

On Ali Suefi (1.12.1896, Drower 2004: 95):

“A telegram from Quibell at Luxor said that Ali was coming down by the Sunday train to Beni Mazar; so my plan of going up on Monday morn will do well. It will be a great pleasure to have him about me again; for I feel as if all must go well with such a faithful, quiet, unselfish right-hand to help. As far as character goes he is really more to me than almost any of my own race. Few men, I believe, have worked harder for me or trusted me more. Perhaps none are sorrier at parting, or gladder when we meet again. A curious link in life but a very real one, as character is at the bottom of it. Kipling's “East and West” is the only expression of such a link that I know in black & white.”

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